Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dear Everett,

Your mommy and daddy are both second children and it has been fun learning what our parents must have felt when we were born.  You are no less loved than our first born.  :)  We love you both more than we can express.  Mommy's just learning how to juggle a little more and things like taking pictures and having time to share them just get prioritized under making sure you get loved on as much as you deserve.  You are so sweet and easy and get to live under the benefit of mommy and daddy having gained a little experience before you came along and learned that "this too shall pass."  We are more relaxed with you and you will probably feel a little less stress than your big brother does over trying live up to his parents expectations, as we learn along the way that our expectations for him may not always be fair.  Hopefully our love for both of you trumps our learning process and we thank God for his grace that children don't remember much before the age of 4.  That may be one of the greatest extensions of grace God grants parents.  So long as we can keep our mistakes from becoming patterns, we hope you're childhood memories will be full of JOY.  We cherish these first six (and a half) months of life we've had with you and can't wait for the next!  You are a BLESSING!  While we haven't gotten your pictures posted in here weekly, we've taken them more weeks than not, and you are cherished!

You are a happy, happy, easy, easy baby!  At 6 months:
-  You prefer to be on your tummy all the time and push WAY up getting your chest off the ground.
-  You scoot backwards, and we know it's only going to be a matter of time before you're crawling! (Probably because you spend more time on the floor than your brother did, as you want to be down playing with him, but also because mommy has to do things like run a two year old to the potty!)
-  You sit up for a few seconds before tumbling over, but have gotten a taste for sitting up and cry when I don't sit you back up again after a fall.
- You have yet to care about who's holding you.  You'll go to anyone, anywhere and smile at them!
- You've only been waking up about once a night for months now and nap like a champ!
-  Unlike your brother, you put EVERYTHING in your mouth and are enjoying trying real foods.
-  You love bouncing in the bouncer.
-  You ADORE everything about your brother and Mommy's absolute favorite thing right now is watching you laugh and laugh and laugh at him, and him enjoying entertaining you and taking care of you!  
- You babble and laugh and smile and so very rarely cry!
- I am sure there are many more things I could say, but I here you waking in the other room.  :)

As for Asher, he will be THREE in November, and I can't believe how big my baby is getting!  Time flies and we are doing our best to cherish every moment!  We love you so much buddy!  Mommy's having so much fun teaching you letters and sounds and numbers and exploring,  and I'm in awe of you and your imagination, everyday!

We love you boys more than words can describe!!!!

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